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Do It Yourself In-Ground Sprinkler Systems

If you’re getting tired of dragging hoses around all summer only to find that your existing sprinklers don’t quite cover the area you want without getting the car, the deck, and the neighbors wet … its time to look at some sprinkling alternatives.

The best choice? An in-ground sprinkler system. Some folks call them an automatic lawn sprinkler or in ground lawn watering system. Whatever you call them you can save some serious money installing it yourself but you’ll need to know a few things. Fear not, at Grovers were here to help.

First; some planning. Graph paper is the best thing for making a sketch of the area to water. You can stop by and we’ll be glad to provide some graph paper as well as tips on how to make a sketch to scale. Don’t worry about your drawing skills, its shapes and dimensions we’re concerned about here. All you’ll need to get started is the graph paper, a tape measure, and a pencil. Once you’ve got your sketch, you’re ready to come in and get started.

We design the system including a list of materials and the cost estimate. When you buy your system from Grover Electric and Plumbing Supply, the design is free! And we provide as much advise as you want or need.

Its always a money saver to do it yourself, and we’re here to help.

By the way … be sure get some of those little paper umbrellas to put in your cold beverage while you relax and enjoy your nice green lawn and garden!