How to Assemble a Temporary Builder’s Service

All building projects today require the use of power tools. If a ready source of power is not available, one must be supplied. Most temporaries are set to provide 115 volts. If you will be needing 230 volts, you will have to alter this service slightly by: running an additional wire down the mast; wiring through the meter base differently; removing the jumper wire between the buss lugs and connecting the second service lead to the free buss lug; adding a 230 volt breaker; and providing another weatherproof box with a 230 volt receptacle and a weatherproof cover. We sell a pre-wired temporary service with integral meter base and GFI-protected outlets for both 115V and 230V. This is a neater and easier option than building a service “from scratch”. Consult a salesperson for details.


  1. Screw electrical bushing onto conduit and then into TOP hub of meter base and tighten.
  2. Attach hub to the panel and screw the nipple tightly into the hub.
  3. Remove the 1-1/4" knockout at the bottom of the meter base. Using a 1-1/4" locknut on each side, secure the 1-1/4" nipple to the meter base. A plastic bushing should then be screwed to the top of the nipple just inside the meter base.
  4. Push the wires down the top of the conduit leaving two feet out the end.
  5. Attach the black wires from the weatherhead to the top two terminals of the meter socket. Connect the incoming neutral conductor to the meter neutral buss. Identify the neutral wire by striping with white tape at both ends.
  6. Connect the two black wires from the panel to the bottom meter terminals. Connect the neutral wire between the panel neutral buss and the meter neutral buss.
  7. Snap the top off weatherhead. Clamp head onto conduit. Bend wires over and snap top onto the head.
  8. Remove a 1/2" knockout. Connect the offset nipple to the panel with a 1/2" locknut. Screw the other end into the hub or the weatherproof outlet box.
  9. Install the GFI circuit breaker. Run a wire from it to the outlet box. Run a white wire and a bare copper wire from the ground bar to the outlet box (hook the white through the GFI).
  10. Install the receptacle after connecting black wire to a brass screw and the white wire to a silver screw and the bare wire to the outlet box with a ground clip AND to the green screw of the receptacle.
  11. Install the weatherproof cover.
  12. Remove another 1/2" knockout. Install the loom clamp. Run the ground wire through loom clamp and connect it to the ground bar. Tighten the screws of the loom clamp.
  13. Drive 2 ground rods flush with the ground.
  14. Hang the service panel on post fastening through back of panel. Strap conduit to post with the pipe strap.
  15. Connect the ground wire (continuous with no breaks) to the ground rods with the ground clamps.
NOTE: The post needed to support a temporary service must be strong enough to support the service drop wire. Check with the serving Utility Company for the size of post needed. PDF Download for Reference  
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